kart chassis


predator chassis
Main Features:
  • Homologation CIK/FIA 109/CH/11
  • Main frame tubing CR-MO 30/32 mm
  • Wheelbase 1035 mm.
  • Rear axle with adjustable height in 2 positions Special 40 or 50 mm.
  • Braking system DRAKE (CIK/FIA 111/FR/11) /STOPPER-INFINITY (CIK/FIA118/FR/11)
  • Magnesium wheels 130/210-130/180mm
  • Self-ventilated/austenitic brake disk.
  • Rear caliper 4 pistons with quick pad clearance adjustment
  • Plastic rear bumper KG or RR
  • Set up adjustable caster and camber, front ride height
  • Steering wheel in alcantara with logo Ø 320
  • Accessories hubs, sprocket and brake disk carrier in anodized aluminium
  • Exhaust holder bracket adjustable height and rotation
  • Front, side and rear torsion bar with 6 anodized clamps
  • Bodywork KG or RR
  • Stickers kit
telaio predator
Major Options:

Douglas magnesium wheels LV
Water kit ( radiator + pump)
25 mm stub axle
Alluminium brake disk repair
Partial padded seat